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happy weekend!

Come, let us have some tea and continue to talk about happy things

And another week has passed by and it is Friday again. It’s crazy how fast this year is going by, I feel like just a moment ago it was june and the whole summer was lying ahead of us. This past week I have caught a bit of a cold and haven’t felt too well, but this weekend is full of awesome trips and activities with my friends, so I’m pretty sure that I’ll get better once I’ll get out of the house. I hope you have a lovely weekend as well!

Some links to get you through the next few days (just kidding):

1) Wouldn’t this be an amazing place to go on a short trip?

2) A quote to remember.

3) And a pretty journal you can start anytime you want.

4) If you want to get crafty this weekend: a diy on how to make your own tea bags.

5) And a great home tour (makes you want to change something yourself, right?).

outfit // autumn dreams

Right now, we are having the perfect autumn weather: The sun is shining everyday, but it is still cold enough to go outside with a cardigan and tights. I hope it stays this way for a loong time, because -as I have mention on this blog probably a gazillion times- early autumn really is my favourite season. One day I will move to New England and have an Indian Summer every year, I’m positive.

Anyway, since I am a little broke right now and can’t really afford to spend any money on new clothes, I went on a little dream world shopping spree and created the perfect look for this time of year: a nice dress, a warm cardigan and lots and lots of burgundy and brown. Oh, and ‘Pride and Prejudice’ as well, of course. The only thing I might actually buy is probably the nail polish, but a girl can dream, right?

ready for autumn

7 things to do this week // 2

Did you enjoy your weekend? I did (of course) and am now ready for the coming week, which is the last one before I have to start writing exams for school. So to seize this last week of freedom, here’s the second round of 7 things to do.

1) Have fabulous breakfast. Don’t eat the same old cereal everyday, but make yourself some eggs, maybe pancakes, eat fresh fruit, drink orange juice and freshly brewed coffee or maybe have a croissant with homemade strawberry jam. If you start a day like that, it just cannot go wrong anymore, don’t you think?

2) Get a book from your local library. I’m reading The Secret History by Donna Tartt at the moment, but Brideshead Revisited, The Remains of the Day and A Tree Grows In Brooklyn are on my reading list as well.

3) Get dressed up. This can easily be combined with cleaning up your closet and trying on all the clothes you haven’t worn for such a long time. Maybe you could even take pictures of your new creations?

4) Start a new notebook. I love doing that. I don’t finish them nearly as often as I start them, but it’s fun anyway. You could even give it a subject, like a classic diary, a book full of lists (I like these ones especially) or maybe recipes you tried and loved. If you don’t have a notebook lying around at your home, you could either get a classic moleskine one or a pretty one from etsy like this one or maybe that.

5) Get up 10 minutes earlier every morning, maybe 15. Normally,time is running after I get up, I eat, shower, dress and I’m out the house – most of the time running for the bus. It would be so much nicer to just have enough time and not hurry everywhere.

6) Listen to music you used to listen to at a specific moment in your past that you associate certain memories with. Right now I am listening to the band I used to love when I was 14. I don’t listen to them anymore, but it’s funny how much I remember of that time just by the formerly loved songs.

7) Go to the farmer’s market. Buy fresh vegetables and flowers. Fall without going to the farmer’s market isn’t really fall, just like winter without going to the christmas market isn’t really winter. Have fun and maybe even buy a pumpkin, the ultimate fall vegetable.

making asian noodles

Asian noodles

This is another one of my favourite recipes. I love going to those Chinese or Thai restaurants where the people make the food right in front of you in a wok using only fresh ingredients (Have you ever been to one of those places?) Anyway, since I can’t really afford going there as often as I am craving noodles like that, I decided to try to create the recipe myself. It is healthy (only pasta, vegetables and chicken breast), tastes delicious and is a great meal if you are expecting guests, because it really doesn’t take a long time to make and almost everybody likes it.

eating asian noodles
Asian Noodles


1 pack of japanese noodles (or tagliatelle taste just as good, maybe even better, I just didn’t have them at hand today), 2 peppers, 300 gr chicken breast, 300 gr soya bean sprouts, salt and pepper, 1 onion, soya sauce (as much as you like)

First, cut the onion and the chicken breast into small cubes and roast both gently. Salt and pepper to your taste (or add any other spices you think would go with that, maybe some paprika or something?).

In the meantime, you cook the Japanese noodles (or tagliatelle) in the way the wrapping tells you to (but I’m sure you know how to cook pasta anyway, right?)

Then add the peppers (after washing and chopping them of course) and let everything simmer for a short while.

Finally, you can add the tagliatelle and the soya bean sprouts and also as much soya sauce as you like (it’s hard to describe how much exactly, you just have to try – but that’s what is fun about cooking, right?)

happy thursday


Happy thursday to y’all! I hope you are still enjoying your week and have exciting plans for the next weekend. Tomorrow I am going to meet with some friends to knit and talk and afterwards go to a party (yeah, I know, doesn’t really fit, but why should it?) and saturday I am going to work (ugh) and maybe go swimming afterwards. A relaxed but still not boring weekend, which is the perfect mix, I think.

This is one of my favourite William Fitzsimmons songs. I am so excited that I am going to see him live in November! With that and Death Cab For Cutie and Coldplay, this winter is pretty much a dream come true as far as concerts go.

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