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8 great hair tutorials


To be honest, hair style isn’t something I am particularly good at. I try, but most of the time my hair doesn’t do what I want it to at all. Gladly there are others who are a lot better at this and willing to share their wisdom, so here are eight of my favourite hair tutorials! Some are quite easy and some a little trickier, but I’m sure you’ll be able to try and master them all.

1) How to style a messy side ponytail

2) How to style heidi braids (this one is great, too!)

3) How to style three twisted buns

4) How to get curls without heat

5) How to style a cascade braid

6) How to style a messy bun

7) How to style a chic updo

Have fun experimenting!

a man from argentina


Oh, I could listen to this song all day long (the whole album actually). I love that feeling when you ‘discover’ a new album and the music is just perfect. I can’t really describe it (but I guess you know what I mean). So, how is your weekend so far? I’ve been working, relaxing and not doing very much (except watching ‘Friends’), but since the last week has been really stressful (fun stress, but anyway) I don’t yet feel bad about wearing my sweatpants all day.
I hope you have a lovely and relaxing Sunday as well!

corners // cait harri

Make yourself at homeMake yourself at home

I don’t know how many of you read Cait Harri’s blog, Wayward Daughter, but if you don’t, you should definitely check it out. She posts pretty outfits (like this one for example) and has also got a cute dress shop online. Her home is filled with vintage books and girly flowers (or flower prints) and it shows that you don’t have to buy expensive design elements to create a cosy and lovely home. Some cute little details like the jar with the yarn are often enough to make yourself feel at home.

Girl Cave


hot punch // guest post over on little luck tree

hot punch III

Hey friends! I guest-blogged over on Little Luck Tree the other day and shared a really tasty recipe for hot punch. It not only warms you from within, but it also makes your house smell wonderful. So if you’d like too, you can check it out here. Cheers!

outfit // a weekend away


Do you also dream about staying and relaxing in a small B &B in the countryside sometimes? You could visit tiny villages everyday (or go hiking if you are into sports), drink tea all the time, eat delicious home-made breakfast and spend your evenings in front of the fireplace. Somehow I always associate the British countryside with trips like that, but I guess it is lovely everywhere.  Well, wherever you choose to go, a warm coat, ankleboots and a cute outfit are everything you need (and if you are not going on a little trip, maybe watching this film again is a nice alternative for a cosy evening).

a weekend away

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