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diy // make your own mixtape cover


I am a person who loves creating mixtapes for special occassions, friends or just for fun. The only problem with self-made mixtapes is that you soon have a huge stack of cds without a cover just lying around next to your cd player. To avoid that problem I decided to make some pretty covers myself that even look great as a gift. This is a super-easy (really!) project that you can finish in less than half an hour (even if you aren’t that talented with glue and scissors, promise).


You need: some brown wrapping paper (about 16×28 cm), glue, scissors and pretty pictures (from a magazine or of yourself or whatever else you like).

1. First you have to cut out the wrapping paper (see the measurements above). If you round the edges it looks even prettier.


2. Secondly, fold over the edges as shown above and glue the sides together.

3. Next, cut out a pretty picture out of a magazine (mine is a still from garden state). The size of the picture doesn’t really matter, just be sure that it is square (mine measures 8.5 x 8.5 cm). Glue it to the front of your cover. You can also print out a fun ‘album title’, for example a quote or saying or some lyrics you like.

See how easy that is? Have fun making yours (and getting creative with the cover design!) and start mixing cds as well!


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