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lovely links for the winter season

Christmas time ought to be a special time. Very often it is more than stressful (final exams, buying presents, Christmas staff parties and so on), but I try to get into the spirit and enjoy every minute nonetheless. I start decorating my room as soon as possible (fairy lights look so pretty once it’s dark outside) and I love listening to Christmas tunes, the old classics as well as modern ones. I’ll share a playlist with my favorites later this week.

What do you do to get into a holiday mood?

1) Jordan from Oh Happy Day has a tradition with her husband where they do something that gets them excited for Christmas everyday. Isn’t that a great idea? Here’s a list with examples.

2) Wouldn’t you like to be here on a cozy evening? (Does anybody know the original source?)

3) A pretty advent calendar with painted jars.

4) This is such a great look for colder days (the top one). I can imagine wearing it at the Christmas market, drinking mulled wine (and eating way too much).

5) Herbal fire starters (if you’ve got a fireplace) are such a great idea. If you fill them with Christmas spices your home will smell absolutely delicious.

6) Some yummy gingerbread man cookies. I am definitely going to try these.

7) And if you are in a more healthy mood, these baked apple chips look tasty, too.

8) Last but not least, Ilana from See Me Everywhere is giving away a little Christmas freebie so that your wishlist looks extra pretty.

I hope you have a lovely Monday!

making pumpkin soup

pumpkin soup

A few weeks ago, I made pumpkin soup. To be honest, I have never tasted (let alone cooked) pumpkin soup before so it would be quite silly to call this the best pumpkin soup I have ever eaten. Nevertheless, it was good. It was really good. I made up the recipe from scratch (it is a little bit similar to the courgette soup I shared a few month ago) and gladly everything worked out. Want to try it for yourself?



Every season I love receiving the new Toast catalogue. Even though it is slightly out of my price range, it is just nice to look at the pretty pictures of rustic interiors. It represents perfectly what you imagine Scottish countrylife to be like: wild nature scenes, sitting in front of the open fire and that kind of shabby look that looks so comfortable. If I’d ever buy something from there, it would probably be either these shoes, these baubles (for Christmas) or one of these blankets.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend! Next week I’ll be sharing one last autumn-themed post (the yummiest pumpkin soup ever) and then it’s starting to get festive on here! I’ll be sharing wish lists and decor tips, book and movie recommendations, a Christmas mixtape and much more Christmassy stuff I see and love. I’m looking forward to a great month! Is there anything you would like to see on here in the next few weeks?

all images via Toast

outfit // a cozy evening

As the days get shorter and colder this time of year, quiet evenings spend at home with a cup of tea and a nice book or a movie are the perfect compensation for all the additional stress of the Christmas season (don’t get me wrong, I love¬†everything about Christmas, even shopping on the 22nd of december). I don’t know about you, but on these occassions I mostly wear reeally old sweatpants and an oversized t-shirt and are always terrified if I hear the door bell (changing at lightning speed while your visitor goes up the stairs isn’t that much fun, I tell you).

Well, who says you can’t look cute and still be comfortable? A pretty blouse with an over-sized cardigan and woolen socks is the perfect mixture for an evening spend at home in style. And if you even have a cozy blanket like this one from Toast, visitors won’t be long in coming either!

PS: I loved watching this film, it’s so pretty to look at and the story is so cute! This one, too.

a cozy evening




Are you all enjoying a lazy Sunday? I am going to my grandpa’s birthday party later (the third birthday party this weekend, so I had my fair share of cake!). Yesterday I spend some time looking through pictures from last winter and seeing all the snow in there set me in the right mood for some snowfall. I seriously can’t wait. Going ice-skating and picking out christmas presents, being able to stay at home because of all the snow, wearing cozy outfits, drinking mulled wine, it’s such a great time. Besides, everything looks prettier with a little bit of snow, doesn’t it?

What are you most looking forward to this winter?

first picture by Hannah Schmucker, second picture by Alison Titus

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