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happy new year!


Only a few more hours and it’s 2012. 2011 was great, I achieved a lot of the things I always dreamed of and made fun experiences and memories along the way. I wish all of you a Happy New Year filled with laughter, fun and wonderful memories. I’m really looking forward to it.

For me 2012 will be full of changes: I’m going to finish school which means that this time next year I’m going to be at a completely different point in my life. Exciting but also slightly scaring. In the next few days I’ll be sharing some of my resolutions for the New Year (I made an enormous lists with about 100 to-dos and goals – don’t worry, I won’t share all of them!). These are usually some of my favourite posts to read.

To a great year!

picture by Lissy Elle on flickr.

a tip for shiny hair

I am constantly on the hunt for inexpensive beauty and hair tips to try (I am not a big fan of buying expensive products you use maybe one or two times). I recently read that a mask using one spoonful of olive oil, two spoonfuls of lemon juice, one egg yolk and one shot glass of beer works miracles if you put it in your wet hair over night. I am curious if it really works, but it sounds a little disgusting, doesn’t it?

Would you try something like that? Are there any secret tricks you know to get shiny and healthy hair?

PS: Happy weekend and a happy New Year!

image by Luke Gracie on flickr.

this christmas

This Christmas

I can’t believe Christmas is already over and the New Year is in only about 3 days. Crazy. Did you all enjoy the holidays? I really did, I had a lot of fun with my family and there was great food and lots of interesting conversations.

To be honest, I wasn’t quite sure if I should really post this or not, because I think it is a little bragging to show of your presents like that, but since I really enjoy reading posts like this, I thought it was okay to show you some of mine.

I actually got the Design Sponge book I put on my wish list a few weeks ago and to anyone who isn’t quite sure about buying it I can highly recommend it. It’s beautiful and there are also great projects I can’t wait to try. I also really wanted this 5-year-diary, I’m not the greatest writer of diaries (everytime I tried I make about three entries), but I really like the concept of this one (and you don’t have to write too much – there’s one page for each day which is divided into five sections, one for each year).

I also got my new favourite perfume, Chanel Chance (it’s so fresh!) and some pretty clothes.

So what about you, did you enjoy Christmas? What did you get?

a picture and a song

I don’t feel like writing much today, so here’s a pretty photo by Stefany Alves of what I’ve been doing pretty much all afternoon today (I’m reading The world according to Bertie at the moment, the fourth part of the 44 Scotland Street series, and it’s lovely) and a song by one of my favourite bands. They are definitely on my list of bands to watch live someday.

PS: Can you believe it’s only four more days until Christmas?

5 movies to watch in the winter season

It's A Wonderful Life

How are you all doing? Has the Christmas stress caught up with you yet? Well, I must admit, it did catch up with me. Between baking tons of Christmas cookies, buying the last presents (or if you are like me, starting to buy presents one week before Christmas) it’s easy to start wishing that Christmas was over and everything back to normal already. To prevent that from happening, sometimes it’s important to just kick back a little, even if your to-do list is a mile long, and relax a little bit (enjoying some of these Christmas cookies). I love spending the cold evenings in December cozied up inside with a blanket while it’s (hopefully) snowing outside. Here are my favourite movies for this time of year.

1) Well, what else then the ultimate classic, It’s A Wonderful Life? I suppose I don’t have to say much about this one, since you’ve probably all watched it a million times (and if you haven’t yet, you definitely must!). It’s such a heart-warming story and the ending…

2) The other, although much newer, Christmas classic, that I watch year after year, is Love Actually. It’s a little kitschy, but not unbearingly so, and well, a Christmas movie has to be kitschy, hasn’t it?

3) Although not really a Christmas movie, Bridget Jones Diary┬áis also one of my favourites this time of year. And well, they kind of celebrate Christmas twice. And they finally kiss while it’s snowing outside. So it practically has all the criteria of a Christmas movie.

4) This one is also really cheesy, but nevertheless one I tend to watch a lot in the winter season: While you were sleeping. Maybe because it is kind of a modern fairy tale? I don’t know. It’s kind of a guilty pleasure movie, but cute nonetheless.

5) And last but not least, The Holiday is also a great Christmas movie. To be honest, it’s been a while since I watched it last, but I am totally intending to sometime this week.

PS: If you don’t have the time for a full movie, or know these ones inside out, almost every great show has got a special Christmas episode (I, for example, love the Gilmore Girls and How I met your Mother Christmas specials, as well as the Chrismukkah episodes from the O.C.). I discovered today, that’s there’s even a Wikipedia-page with a list of all special Christmas episodes, so if you want you can just look up your favourite show and you’ll probably find it. Neat, huh?

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