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just a minute in january

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‘Just a minute’  is a feature I have seen on quite a few other blogs lately (Laura’s for example) and I thought it would be fun to play along as well.

reading…I just started reading By The Lighthouse by Virginia Woolf and so far like it. Has anybody read it already?

watching…Yesterday I finished watching Pushing Daisies and I am still a little sad, that this show got cancelled so quickly. There would have been so many stories yet to explore!

listening…to lots of different music. Even though they aren’t normally one of my favourite bands, I really like Mumford and Sons at the moment. Their Bookshop Sessions are especially great.

loving…the cute watercolor paintings by Kris Atomic, especially this one.

baking…I really want to go and bake a traditional pie. Maybe because of watching Pushing Daisies? Probably. Does anybody know a good recipe?

Have a good Monday!

Picture by Valeria Maggiora via Flickr.



  1. What a cute feature. I love Kris Atomic paintings, they are so lovely. A good pie recipe depends on whether you want to make a crust or use cookie crumbs (I prefer the latter because it’s super easy). My favorite site ever is the following for new recipes: x

    Comment by Valerie Enriquez23. January 2012

  2. Thanks a lot! I just looked at the site and everything looks so delicious, wow.

    Comment by hanna — 23. January 2012

  3. I am reading “room of one’s own” by virgina woolf! Might do this too XX

    Comment by Lola24. January 2012

  4. what a lovely idea for a blog post :)

    I love Kris Atomic’s stuff!! And I might have to start watching Pushing Daisies, I’ve heard so much good about it!


    Comment by Angie24. January 2012

  5. yes, you definitely must. it’s the best tv show ever!

    Comment by hanna — 25. January 2012

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