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closet visit

Have you guys ever heard of Closet Visit? It’s this really cool project by Jeana Sohn where she interviews different creative people ¬†and they show a little bit of their closet and their favourite clothes. I really liked this edition with Nicole Cari, who is the director of press and marketing for Band of Outsiders (how cool is that?) and who’s got my absolute dream closet. The stripes, the blazers, the sweaters, the girly dresses, I want them all.

If you like this one, there are even more Closet Visits over here (so many enviable wardrobes there, look at Helen Johannesen!). Jeana Sohn is an artist by the way, she’s got a portfolio over here and she blogs, too!

Who’s got a real dream closet in your opinion? Or who’s your style icon?

All pictures via Closet Visit.

weekend reads // the great gatsby


Today I finished reading The Great Gatsby. It’s been on my reading list for quite some time now and I’ve actually started reading a few times (and never got past page thirty or so), but this time I got hooked. It’s written beautifully and the ending is tragic. I already knew that it would end sad and also kind of expected it since these kind of books always end bad, but I was shocked nonetheless. So if you’ve wanted to read it for ages as well, why don’t you start this weekend? And if you read and didn’t like it, why don’t you give it another chance? I did, and I loved it.

Happy weekend everybody! What are you reading at the moment?

Picture by Kate Wallis via Flickr. She also blogs over here.

corners // yellow!

Hi Dancers & Dreamers readers! I am Danielle of Tongue Tied in Awe, and I am thrilled to be guest posting for the lovely Hanna today. We are recent friends, and I am so happy that we are. For today, I have put together a few of favourite spaces staring a not-so-new friend of mine.

1 | 2 | 3 | 4

I  never really thought I had a favourite colour, but yellow always seems to make its way into my life whether it be in my wardrobe, my design work, my bedroom, and even my upcoming Spring wedding. Add in some gray, clean lines, great artwork, and big windows and I am good to go. I cannot wait to get started decorating my new place this summer. You can be sure to find yellow everywhere!

Thanks again Hanna for having me! Feel free to stop by, and say hello. I’d love to meet you! xo, Danielle

inspired by // guest post over on tongue tied in awe

Hey there! Today I wrote a guest post for the lovely Danielle. She’s got a feature on her blog where she creates an outfit for a special event or just in the style of a certain picture and I had the chance to take part in that. Come on over here to check it out!

ingredients for // a cozy evening alone

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I guess I can say that I’m a rather social person. I like having people around me and sharing my thoughts with others (and hearing other people thoughts as well, of course). I haven’t experienced it, but I think living alone sounds far too lonely for my taste. Nevertheless, from time to time some alone time is just what I need. Here’s all the ingredients for a perfect evening: (more…)

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