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Hi Dancers & Dreamers readers! I am Danielle of Tongue Tied in Awe, and I am thrilled to be guest posting for the lovely Hanna today. We are recent friends, and I am so happy that we are. For today, I have put together a few of favourite spaces staring a not-so-new friend of mine.

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I  never really thought I had a favourite colour, but yellow always seems to make its way into my life whether it be in my wardrobe, my design work, my bedroom, and even my upcoming Spring wedding. Add in some gray, clean lines, great artwork, and big windows and I am good to go. I cannot wait to get started decorating my new place this summer. You can be sure to find yellow everywhere!

Thanks again Hanna for having me! Feel free to stop by, and say hello. I’d love to meet you! xo, Danielle


  1. very nice! not too bright and in your face, just enough for a splash of colour!


    Comment by Angie23. February 2012

  2. Thanks for having me :)

    Comment by Danielle23. February 2012

  3. Danielle, these pins looks very familiar ;) I absolutely love the combination of yellow and grey. Through in some pattern and white walls and you’ve got my perfect space!

    Yellow is such a fascinating color as well. You can’t ever frown with yellow!

    Comment by Melissa23. February 2012

  4. That’s my favorite color accent :) It’s the main accent color in my bedroom and every now and then I’ll get obsessed trying to find more unique objects with mustard tones. It’s so beautiful

    Comment by Valerie Enríquez24. February 2012

  5. I love the fun patterns, yellow accents and different shades of gray…really works well together. :)

    Comment by Marie24. February 2012

  6. So cute. x hivenn

    Comment by jazzy elizabeth27. February 2012

  7. Ahhh yes! I love yellow and grey together too! Perfection!!!!

    Comment by Jess28. February 2012

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