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corners // jeremy harwell

How great is this studio by Georgia-based photographer Jeremy Harwell? I found it on the Decor8-Blog the other day and instantly fell in love. The coral couch with the black and white accessories, all the art prints…This is what my living room should look like one day. To find more pictures and learn some more about Jeremy and his work you can go here.

All pictures via Decor8 by Jeremy Harwell.


  1. oh man, that is seriously lovely!

    Comment by Angie6. April 2012

  2. I am in love with that couch! It’s the perfect shade – not too pink, just the right amount.

    Comment by Danielle6. April 2012

  3. I saw the photo of the coral couch circulating around pinterest, but I had no idea how the rest of the space looked. Thanks for featuring this! I l love love this couch and welcome back! x

    Comment by Valerie Enríquez6. April 2012

  4. very cool pictures.

    Blog :

    Comment by Christian7. April 2012

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