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just a minute in june

And another month is almost over, can you believe it? I know I’m repeating myself, but 2012 is halfway done now! In the blink of an eye we’ll probably sit here and start preparing everything for Christmas, don’t you think? Some things I’ve been up to lately: (more…)

june mixtape

Happy wednesday everybody! It’s time for one of my favourite posts of the month again: the mixtape! This month I gave 8tracks another chance and it actually worked! I’m very proud. You can go listen to it over here. What are you listening to at the moment? And do you also have an 8tracks-Account? I want to listen to your mixes!


1) Ben Howard – Depth Over Distance
2) Citadels – Golden Islands
3) Oh Land – Rainbow
4) Polarsets – Leave Argentina
5) Jónsi РGo Do
6) Keaton Henson – Strawbear
7) Emily And The Woods – Steal His Heart
8) Electric Guest – This Head I Hold

do it

Happy Monday everybody! Did you enjoy your weekend? We celebrated my little brother’s 8th birthday with his (and my) favourite cake and had a great time with our family. I think I’ll head outside now and read a bit since the sun is finally out again (I love these slow mornings – since I graduated Monday’s aren’t scary at all anymore.)

PS: What’s on your list of things you always wanted to do? I’m really great at postponing anything and everything, so I really ought to start working on that, too.

Picture by Alice Whale.

have a relaxing weekend


What have you all been up to for the last few weeks? Have you been enjoying summer? I’ve been here and there, working, looking for university courses I’m interested in (I have to apply until 15 July) and doing some fun stuff as well. Wasn’t life supposed to slow down once exams are over? I guess I’m still waiting for that (although I’m not complaining, making fun day trips and finding out what to do with my life is way better than learning for a biology exam). I haven’t really spend much time on the computer, but I still found a few fun posts around the web: (more…)

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