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november essentials

bag | sweater | mug | shoes

Autumn is the time for:

1. Big sweaters. Because there is nothing that is more comfy and I wish I could wear them year round, just for the comfyness.

2. Nice mugs. Because your intake of hot beverages at least triples in the months from October to March. Having something pretty to drink them from is not necessary, but well, nice.

3. Big totes. Because you carry so much more stuff around with you (like gloves, a thermos, a woolen hat, Christmas presents you already bought…).

4. Candles. They smell like Christmas and they make a room instantly cozy, even if there is nothing cozy about that room (apart from the candles). Oh, and as everybody knows the light is super-flattering, another bonus.

What are your autumn essentials?

(The shoes are not really an autumn essential, I just really like them. So I included them)


  1. those shoes are so cool!

    YES. Candles. Cinnamon candles!
    And big tube scarfs and pretty gloves!

    xoxo Angie (

    Comment by Angie23. November 2012

  2. Love those mugs and the cosy sweater. My essentials are also warm sweaters , scarves and lots of winter scented candles.

    Comment by miss b29. November 2012

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