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’tis the season


It’s finally December, so now it’s allowed to get into the Christmas mood. Are you excited? This weekend it snowed for the first time (perfect timing), although there’s nothing left today. I went to the Christmas market for the first time this year and drank some punch. Today I started listening to some old Christmas favourites (Sufjan Stevens and Frank Sinatra) and opened the first doors on my Advent calendar. I read Auggie Wren’s Christmas Story by Paul Auster. And this afternoon my family is coming to visit and they’re bringing cake and an Advent wreath for my flat. Somehow it feels as if I already did most of the things on my winter to-do list on this first weekend (but there’s ┬ástill a lot of fun to do left).

How did you ring in the jolly season?

Pictures via Toast.

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  1. The Netherlands is not much in a Christmasmood yet as we have Sinterklaas first, but I expect that to come sometime this week! I’m especially looking forward to buying the Christmas tree!
    Ooh, are you doing a Christmas mix??

    x Angie (

    Comment by Angie5. December 2012

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