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Hey there guys! I know 2013 is (already) nearly a week old, but nevertheless I want to wish you all a happy New Year! I hope you can fulfill all your dreams and wishes and you make tons of great memories. My resolutions for the New Year haven’t changed much from last year (continue learning French, learn to draw and play the guitar, eat healthy etc), what about you?

I also want to give you a little update on the future of this blog. You may have noticed that my posting has been very, well, sporadic, in the last few months. That’s partly because of time problems, but partly also because I just didn’t have the motivation to blog, because I didn’t know where this blog was heading and because I had the feeling I was always posting the same thing again and again.

Well, I thought about it a lot over the holidays and I finally came up with a great concept, which I am really excited about. I don’t want to reveal anything yet because there is still so much to think about. Sadly I have to be patient and can only really start planning in February because I have all my finals this month (boo!). I can just tell you that I am planning a total relaunch, so stay tuned!

I don’t know how much time I will have to blog in the meantime, but you can always find me on Pinterest and Tumblr (links on the right). Have a great week, folks!

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