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mixtape // sleeping sun

Sleeping Sun from hannaula on 8tracks Radio.

The days are getting colder and darker, but it’s not yet time for the yearly holiday cheer (which for me starts on the first of December, even though Santa stuff is in stores in September, I don’t care). I created a mixtape that goes perfectly with that mood, that’s a mixture of sentimental and melancholic, but also so so cozy. Hope you enjoy it (I tried to mix old and new favourites).

1) Ben Howard – Esmeralda
2) First Aid Kit – Wolf
3) Jai Paul – BTSTU
4) Bon Iver – Blood Bank
5) Simon & Garfunkel – Bookends
6) Ryan Adams – Words
7) Belle & Sebastian – Piazza, New York Catcher
8) The Lumineers – Ho Hey

just a minute in november

Rain, Martin Place, Sydney, 1937 / by Sam Hood

Okay, November is nearly over (and Christmas time begins!), but here’s what I’ve been up to lately: (more…)

ways gilmore girls has influenced my youth

When I was about 13 years old, I fell in love. I fell in love with a TV show, Gilmore Girls. I think the first episode I ever watched was sometime during season 6 and I was instantly hooked. Gladly, Christmas was just around the corner, I got the first season and our love story could begin. I wanted to be just as witty and intelligent as Lorelai and Rory, have fun conversations about Tolstoi and Belle & Sebastian all the time and eat massive amounts of food without ever exercising (sadly still not working today). That was the life. I wanted to be Rory Gilmore. Or Lorelai. Or Lane (that’s the beauty of the show, every character has so many character traits to relate to).

Somehow, the beginning of watching Gilmore Girls coincided also with the time I started to drink coffee – coffee is a big part on the show – but I’m not sure whether there  really was a connection or if 14/15 is just the  age to start drinking coffee. Nevermind. I started getting into old movies and literature books (I think the first challenging book I read was Anna Karenina). I loved reading ever since I was able to, but Gilmore Girls and the thousands of articles on the internet of their reading lists and movie lists opened a whole new universe of knowledge to me. Rory Gilmore even made me a more diligent student than I was before, because she made learning cool ( very important to a 13-year-old girl).

Up until today I love cozying up in the evening with my mom or my best friend and lots (!) of  junk food (you can’t eat Gilmore Girls and not eat) and have whole watching marathons. At the moment, as I start university, I am watching  season 4 again (when Rory also leaves for Yale) and it’s crazy to how many things I can relate.

Was there a show or book that really influenced you while growing up?

november essentials

bag | sweater | mug | shoes

Autumn is the time for:

1. Big sweaters. Because there is nothing that is more comfy and I wish I could wear them year round, just for the comfyness.

2. Nice mugs. Because your intake of hot beverages at least triples in the months from October to March. Having something pretty to drink them from is not necessary, but well, nice.

3. Big totes. Because you carry so much more stuff around with you (like gloves, a thermos, a woolen hat, Christmas presents you already bought…).

4. Candles. They smell like Christmas and they make a room instantly cozy, even if there is nothing cozy about that room (apart from the candles). Oh, and as everybody knows the light is super-flattering, another bonus.

What are your autumn essentials?

(The shoes are not really an autumn essential, I just really like them. So I included them)

burgh island

Have you heard that Ben Howard has released a new EP? I’ve listened to it for the first time last week and it’s just as good as his debut album (which I really love). I think you can say that Ben Howard is definitely one of my favourite musicians right now and I really, really wish that I can see him live one day. And by the way, you should definitely watch the video for the single Esmerelda below, it’s stunning (both the video and the song!).

PS: You can buy the vinyl edition of the EP over here (I think the CD isn’t out yet). Maybe for Christmas?

Picture from Ben Howard’s homepage.

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