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after II

Recently, I started trying to learn how to sew. I have never even touched a sewing machine until sometime last year, but always admired those girls that wore fabolous clothes and made them all by themselves.

Since my mom -sadly-  isn’t that crafty and I don’t really have the time or the money to attend a sewing course, I thought to myself  ‘Why don’t I try and teach myself how to do it?’.

Well, this has resulted in lots of frustration with my sewing machine (using that thing is harder than it looks!), but also some projects that turned out quite good. One of them is this pillow slip. It is made out of my great aunts old curtains (I have about 100 yards left, so expect to see them again now and then) and it took me about an hour to finish it. (more…)

the civil wars

This has to be one of the nicest music videos I’ve seen lately (thanks to Emma). The song is cute, they are cute, and the outfit she’s wearing is just perfect. Have a look!

It was pretty hard to get a proper snapshot of the outfit, so I guess you just have to watch the clip. Pretty smart move, eh?

The Civil Wars // Tour Diary // 02 from The Civil Wars on Vimeo.

katie silvester

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sometimes i dream about staying in bed all day with a nice cup of tea and some dvds. or a book. listening to william fitzsimmons. that would be nice.

corners // paula mills


I love nicely furnished and decorated homes. Every time I see pretty pictures somewhere (and that happens quite often to be sure) I get the urge to change something around my own home. I think most inspiring about other people homes are the small corners, the mantel pieces, the inspiration boards. maybe i’m just noisy, but i’m pretty sure i’m not the only one enjoying all this. so here’s a little feature dedicated to the small corners and details that reflect their owners so very well.

frankie poster

studio mantle piece


something new




hello there. here it is, my very first post. i’ve been enjoying reading other blogs for quite a while now and always wanted to start one of my own to share the beautiful things that i discovered on the internet. so, after some planning and with a really long list of inspirational links on my computer, i finally did it.I wonder how long it will take until somebody reads this.

the above pictures are stunning shots by Ibai Acevedo, a photographer from Spain. Who ever thought, that it would look so dreamy underwater?


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