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10000 hours


Last month at an (otherwise quite boring) talk at university the speaker told us something that since hasn’t left my mind: To perfect a skill you are learning from scratch you need approximately 10000 hours. That’s about 27 years if you practice one hour everyday. Quite a long time, huh? I don’t tell you this to discourage you, but rather to give you the kick to use your time wisely (I guess surfing the internet is a skill I will have perfected in less than 27 years) and finally start or continue practicing whatever you want to learn. Go!

On my list of skills to learn: Cooking (best without recipes), playing the guitar, drawing, French. What about you?

10 ways to feel better in hard times


November is a grey month. It’s not the worst of the year (in my opinion, that’s January, when you don’t even have the holidays to look forward to), but still it’s too dark too early, it’s always cold and rainy, not so much fun. If you’re having a bad time in times like these, it’s very easy to lose hope and feel trapped in a giant, dark hole. Even less fun. So here, some ideas to feel better soon, from me, for you: (more…)

mixtape // autumn blues

Autumn Blues from hannaula on 8tracks Radio.

Hi guys, how are you all doing? Are you enjoying autumn or already wishing for summer to come back? I’ve gone through quite a few changes lately (good and bad ones), but right now everything is slowly settling back in again so I thought – Why not blog again? I created another music mix for you (my favourite hobby it seems). It’s a little bit sad, thus perfectly fitting for a rainy autumn day tucked under a blanket with a nice cup of coffee. (more…)

art // ideal bookshelf


I came across a really great art project by Jane Mount today. It’s called Ideal Bookshelf and you can commission her to paint the spines of your favourite books, the books that changed your life and made you who you are today (a little bit) – or you can get art prints of other people’s ideal bookshelf. I love both books and art, so that’s pretty cool right? I’m definitely going to have one custom made if I ever have the money.

Which books would be ‘portrayed’ on your bookshelf? I think mine would definitely contain classics like Pride & Prejudice or Atonement, but maybe also some books I just loved reading like 44 Scotland Street.

Pictures via Ideal Bookshelf.

corners // jessica barensfeld and simon howell

When I saw Jessica Barensfeld and Simon Howell’s apartment on Freunde von Freunden the other day, my heart stopped a second. Can I move in please?

Find more pictures and an interview over here. (more…)

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