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7 things to do this week // 5

I know I have been a little bit absent from the blogging world this past week, but gladly my exams are over for now and I have got three weeks of freedom ahead of me. Today I am going on a little trip until friday so I am feeling a little bit giddy and excited (and I still have to pack my suitcase, oops). Here’s to another great week!

1) Turn off the computer for a whole day. Even though it might be hard, you get so much more stuff done without a constant distraction, believe me!

2) Try out a fun DIY that also helps you get a little bit more organized. I am sharing one later this week…

3) Paint your nails a different color each day of the week. Totally random, but definitely a lot of fun.

4) Try to give your best at work or school and don’t just wait until the day is over. If you get home, reward yourself with something nice (what about ice-cream for example?)

5) Go to a museum or an art gallery. The last great one I visited was this one.

6) Afterwards, drink a cup of coffee at the museum café (there is something special about those, I just can’t figure out what).

7) And last but not least, spend an hour or two making music (or trying to make music). I, for example, would die to be able to play the guitar properly, so I will try to get a little bit better over the next few weeks!

7 things to do this week // 3

Wow, this weekend has passed with lightning speed! Today was (gladly!) a national holiday, so I had the opportunity to spend it outside on a bike tour with my family and enjoy these last warm days until autumn with its storms finally kicks in. So here goes the next round of 7 things to do.

1) Finish an unfinished projects. I think I am going to finish a painting I started at the beginning of the summer. I even know what I want it to look like, I just have to take some time and sit down and complete it.

2) Organize one part of your home that has always bothered you. Perhaps something big like your wardrobe (mine would probably take a whole day to clean up – let’s not talk about that) or something small like a desk drawer.

3) Take a different way to go to school, or work, or even the supermarket. Explore your town.

4) Gather the last flowers you find outside and make a pretty bouquet for your room. In my opinion, these are so much prettier than those bought at the flower shop. Instead of putting them in your own room you could also give them to somebody and make their day (or hour).

5) Leave a nice message for somebody to find accidentally ( maybe in a book or a cd cover?)

6) Get a massage. Either go to a spa and have a professional one, or ask somebody else and give them one in exchange, too.

7) Start a to-do list with all the things you have to do this week. You don’t have to follow this one, but having a to-do list makes your chores so much more fun, believe me.

7 things to do this week // 1

196 / 365

In one of my most recent posts I wrote that one of the reasons autumn is so great is that you can just stay in, eat pizza and drink tea (okay, maybe not at the same time, but anyway) and watch a movie while the rain outside is adding to the coziness inside. Even though this is great for one or two evenings in a row, it gets a little boring if all you do in the colder seasons is watching television and sitting in front of your computer.

Of course it is hard to get up and do something sometimes, but trust me,  it is worth it. Even if it is just a little thing. You don’t have to start going out every night, if you are actually somebody who rather stays at home. So I thought I would create a list with small and fun things to do this week (some won’t take longer than half an hour – I promise!), that will make your week just a little bit more interesting.

1) Since the leaves are turning red and starting to fall down this week (yeah, I know, cheesy!) you should definitely go out and take a walk. If it’s raining just take good shoes and an umbrella with you, it is nice nonetheless (really!)

2) Try out a new recipe and cook for yourself, your family or your friends. If you have a little more time at hand you could maybe try something like ‘Come Dine With Me’ with your friends. Some recipes I love or wanted to try for ages are this one, or this one. And this one, too. Or you could try the really easy soup I shared last week.

3) Start a new project. This is the perfect time to start knitting, for example. If you haven’t done it before or aren’t into strangely shaped homemade sweaters, the best thing to start with is a scarf. It is pretty and easy and you can even finish it while watching tv in the evening (that’s what I did last year).

4) Buy a magazine and cut out everything you like. Create an autumn moodboard (or a style moodboard, or a food moodboard, the possibilities are endless).

5) Work out. Try something new that you always wanted to try but never had enough energy or courage to. Or just go jogging around the block (And later, treat yourself to a little ice cream. After all, you have been working out!)

6) Find a new favourite band. Okay, maybe finding a new favourite band is a bit difficult, but you could just listen to the music everybody has told you to check out. Or the band you always wanted to listen to, but always forgot. If you’re looking for something nice and calm I would recommend William Fitzsimmons, the new Death Cab For Cutie album or maybe Joshua Radin (These three are the people I am listening to all the time at the moment).

7) Finally, and this goes somehow with idea number six, create a great mixtape with all your favourite songs you are listening to this week. I, for example, love going through my old playlists and remembering what I was doing while I was listening to them (Oh, and you could totally listen to it while you are doing all the other things from this list, it all goes together!).

Anyway, I hope you have a great week. And if you want even more things to do this week, Amanda shared a list with things to do this week as well (which kind of inspired this post).

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