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outfit // a cozy evening

As the days get shorter and colder this time of year, quiet evenings spend at home with a cup of tea and a nice book or a movie are the perfect compensation for all the additional stress of the Christmas season (don’t get me wrong, I love everything about Christmas, even shopping on the 22nd of december). I don’t know about you, but on these occassions I mostly wear reeally old sweatpants and an oversized t-shirt and are always terrified if I hear the door bell (changing at lightning speed while your visitor goes up the stairs isn’t that much fun, I tell you).

Well, who says you can’t look cute and still be comfortable? A pretty blouse with an over-sized cardigan and woolen socks is the perfect mixture for an evening spend at home in style. And if you even have a cozy blanket like this one from Toast, visitors won’t be long in coming either!

PS: I loved watching this film, it’s so pretty to look at and the story is so cute! This one, too.

a cozy evening


outfit // a date at the café

Oh, I am in love with this coat. I adore the color (well, I basically adore all autumn colors, so that’s that) and the bow detail makes it even more special. Paired with a basic black dress and pretty tights (with dots!) you will look cute but still like a grown-up (especially with red lips and red nail polish).

I think I would wear it on a relaxed date at the café, maybe a place like this one or this one.

a date at the café


(top image from Jean-Baptiste Sinninger on Flickr)

outfit // a weekend away


Do you also dream about staying and relaxing in a small B &B in the countryside sometimes? You could visit tiny villages everyday (or go hiking if you are into sports), drink tea all the time, eat delicious home-made breakfast and spend your evenings in front of the fireplace. Somehow I always associate the British countryside with trips like that, but I guess it is lovely everywhere.  Well, wherever you choose to go, a warm coat, ankleboots and a cute outfit are everything you need (and if you are not going on a little trip, maybe watching this film again is a nice alternative for a cosy evening).

a weekend away

outfit // a walk in the woods

Old Home Place 1985

That’s what it looks like over here at the moment: mist and wet leaves on the ground everywhere. Getting up early every morning and looking outside I very often am not in the mood to dress up, but just want to wear an oversized sweater and sweatpants (of course I would never leave the house wearing sweatpants, but you know what I mean). In moments like these  an outfit that is both comfortable and cute is key: A pair of skinny, stretchy jeans that basically feels like sweats, a pretty warm sweater, minnetonkas (the most comfortable shoes in the world) and some lipstick and pretty nail polish for the glamour. Dressed like that everybody should be prepared to face the cold!a walk in the woods


outfit // autumn dreams

Right now, we are having the perfect autumn weather: The sun is shining everyday, but it is still cold enough to go outside with a cardigan and tights. I hope it stays this way for a loong time, because -as I have mention on this blog probably a gazillion times- early autumn really is my favourite season. One day I will move to New England and have an Indian Summer every year, I’m positive.

Anyway, since I am a little broke right now and can’t really afford to spend any money on new clothes, I went on a little dream world shopping spree and created the perfect look for this time of year: a nice dress, a warm cardigan and lots and lots of burgundy and brown. Oh, and ‘Pride and Prejudice’ as well, of course. The only thing I might actually buy is probably the nail polish, but a girl can dream, right?

ready for autumn

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