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summer activity // barbecues!

Did you guys all have a nice long weekend? I surely did! The weather was absolutely brilliant (I never want it to rain again), so we went swimming every day and had two barbecues with friends and family. I don’t know, there’s something so relaxing about spending your days outside with some friends, enjoying summer to it’s fullest. (more…)

a super-easy summer dish

I don’t know about you, but when it’s hot outside I often crave simple and healthy instead of heavy dishes that make you feel full for the rest of the day (which is a good thing because summer is also bikini time!). One of my favourite recipes is not only really tasty but also fast to make so that you can spend as little time in the kitchen as possible. You can also make this, if you are having guests over since it’s so delicious and almost everybody likes pasta and mozzarella. By the way, an arugula salad would be the perfect side dish, don’t you think?


bruce paltrow’s world-famous pancakes


Did you know that Gwyneth Paltrow has published a cookbook a while ago? Apparently her father had been a dedicated (hobby) cook and her book My Father’s Daughter contains lots of really, really delicious recipes, that he (or her mother) used to make. According to the book Bruce’s pancakes were so popular that people would come over on Saturday mornings on a regular basis to eat them. I don’t eat pancakes very often (no time in the morning), but I tried these yesterday and it’s true, they are delicious! I could’ve probably eaten the whole batch if my tummy hadn’t said no after a few.

If you want to try them as well you can find the recipe here. Or you just buy the book, I can really recommend it if you are looking for healthy and delicious recipes.

PS:  The recipe says to use a teaspoon of salt, but I guess next time I would probably use less, otherwise they are a little bit salty. A pinch should be about right. Enjoy!

Picture by Hilda Granat, on Flickr.

eat healthy!

Can you believe it’s already February? I don’t. This month I decided to try and live and eat really healthy. No sweets, no fast food, no lemonade, no cake (I’m glad I chose February – it’s the shortest month!). It’s not really about weight-loss ( Of course, that would be a nice side effect – I don’t believe it will happen though given the amounts of bread and potatoes I consume!).

There are just so many studies proving how bad processed food and large amounts of sugar are for your body, that I had to give living healthily at least a try. I probably won’t stick to it for a long time, but a month would be about fine.I’ll try to cut back on crisps and stuff a bit after that (which will be hard), but I can’t quit chocolate for the rest of my life (and who actually eats only one piece at a time?). I already (after two days) noticed how bad my normal eating habits are, snacking chocolate and cakes all day long. Finding alternatives has been a challenge, although a fun one.

So what about you? Want to join me?

PS: Here are some healthy and also delicious recipes for you (and me) to try this month!

1) African Chicken Peanut Stew

2) Brussels Sprouts (Oh how I love brussels sprouts!)

3) Roasted Tomato & Rosemary Soup 

4) Salt and Vinegar Broiled Potatoes (probably so much better than crisps)

5) Chicken Enchilada Soup

Enjoy your meal.

Picture by Simone via Flickr.

making heart-shaped waffles

heart-shaped waffles

A little while ago, I got this great waffle iron that makes heart-shaped waffles on a stick. Awesome, right? Somehow, I hardly ever use it, but everytime I do, the waffles go like hot cakes (which they somehow are, a little bit) because everybody in my family loves them. Since they probably don’t only love them because of the heart-shape, here’s the delicious recipe.

Heart-Shaped Waffles

Ingredients: 125 g margarine (or butter), 100 g sugar, 1 pck vanilla sugar, 2-3 eggs, 250 g flour, 1 teaspoon baking powder, 175-200 ml milk.

First cream the butter or margarine (I used margarine, but I guess both is possible). Then add the sugar, vanilla sugar and the eggs and mix everything. After that, combine flour and baking powder and stir everything again. Lastly, add the milk bit by bit.

Heat your waffle iron and cook your waffles according to your waffle iron directions.

Bon appetit!

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